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Jan 10, 2013 11:00pm PST
, continuing our transformation and energy, grabbing the energy sources of the future and dominating them and developing energy independence. but these things are going to require the appropriate priorities and those are reflected in budgets. if all we do is rachet down, you know, essentiay cle the government down for all intents and purposes so that we're not attending to these things, we're going to have a much less good future so how that debate comes out is important. but there are other issues, immigration reform this very important gun dekbats we're having. the, you know, how we effectuate the transition in health care to the health-care reform. there are a lot of issues on which you know, we have to get it right. and he is going to provide the leadership that we need to get it right i believe. >> here's one issue. theodore roosevelt talked about the bully pulpit where it was used. we saw another issue of bill clinton at the convention with the ca passit ot explain and the president began to call him the explain never chief. are there limitations on this president's ability to move
Jan 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
together so many years ago that, and for zest and adrenaline and energy. we had the years that we had together. and then so many years later these people sort of sum it all up and say, okay, we remember them which is magnificent, really. >> when did the critics take notice? >> well, they didn't like us at all. >> no. >> i don't think they understood what we were doing. >> what didn't they understand? >> i think they were revealing albums, relative to bands that had singles out as well. and said that they would make that identifiable, if you like. each single will be identifiable to the sound of a band, the character of it. we didn't do that. so when we were pushing and pushing, trying to get right over the horizon. so i think they would have trouble because they wouldn't have a point of reference that they could take from either the first album or the second album. and certainly by the time they tried to review the third album in a very short time i might adds well because they were up against a deadline. >> and also there is a ref recommendation thing in what kids play in blues, you
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
months on not just the budget which is obviously biggest thing but on crime, on immigration, on energy. and it's hard to see how he comes out of this process with better relations with republicans on capitol hill after this process. so, again, whatever the merits, whatever the political imperative of being seen not backing down, i think this is in the history of the next couple months is not going to be something that works in his favor. >> rose: he me understand what it is about what he has said about has created think opposition to him? >> well, i think mark got at one of the elements here which is that while it is about israel and iran, as you say, charlie, it's also about iraq. i mean, you have to remember that chuck hagel bailed out on the bush administration and on the republicans on the iraq war far earlier than almost anybody else in the republican party, at least in the senate at that time. and there were a lot of bruised feelings in that time. and people can't say that now because no one wants to step out and defend a war that today looks like a lot worse judgment than it may
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)